Guy Has A Huge Gash On His Head

Guy Has A Huge Gash On His Head

I’ve got a short video here of a guy with a badass wound on his head. He’s covered in blood holding a shirt to his face and you might think oh it’s not that bad, head wounds bleed a lot but then he reveals it and holy shit!! He has a huge cut on his head and whatever sliced him it went through smoother than a hot knife through butter. Look at that perfect, giant flap of skin hanging off of him revealing all of the bloody goodness inside. From that angle I can’t tell if his eye got caught up in the slicing or if it’s just covered in all of the blood. I think it’ll be pretty easy for the docs to sew that up and he’s probably gonna have a nasty scar afterwards.

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  1. We’ve all cut ourselfs and held that shit tight and barely want to take your hold off the cut for fear of seeing how bad it really is…i can only imagine the sheer amount of pain he’s in mixed with that rush of adrenaline..

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