Car Hits Motorcycle

Car Hits Motorcycle

Idiots who don’t know how to drive make for funny videos but actually driving on the same roads as them freaks me out. A dashcam captures a couple of cars driving behind a truck on a bridge and someone decides they’re in a hurry. The car tries to pass the other vehicles but fails to see the motorcycle coming from the opposite direction and you don’t have to be a genius to guess what happens. The motorcyclist completely flips over the car and at least doesn’t get run over. I was trying to see if the guy’s chest was moving up and down but I couldn’t tell. The person with the dashcam slowly backs away and the video cuts off right before it looks like they might drive off. I hope that wasn’t the case because, if so, what an ass.

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  1. There is a sign for sure before that turn that says no passing!!! If there isnโ€™t one, there will be one now!! Poor guy I hope he survived!

  2. “Ohmaygodohmaygawd!… oh my god… ohh my god? oh maygawd… ohmaygod! Oh my god, ohmaygod oh my gawd oh maygod omaygod.”

    This is why ‘muricans are so fucking annoying… ๐Ÿ˜ If gods were still alive these days they would have erased ‘muricah already for calling out their names in vain. Geeesh…

    • @queeg0909
      Exactly, Tony Stewart’s earlier crash looked ten times worse and he was fine.

      It’s hard to put the speed that killed Dale into perspective, but next time you guys get up to 80 mph on the freeway, just know that he was going 100 mph faster than that when he slammed into that wall.

      He was my favorite bad good guy on the track. Kinda like the Hound on Game of Thrones, fierce and intimidating, but still a good guy.

      • @Re-pete the hound is one of my fav’s. You know there’s got to be a climatic battle between him the mountain in this last season and if there aint one its gonna piss me off..and i hope he hooks up wit big gal too you know the one that kicked him off the edge..sorry to thread drift there, back to the 80 you mentioned .years ago i slowed my roll, my dad told me you keep hauling ass there gonna be scraping your ass off the road one day. I didnt want to be featured on here one day. ๐Ÿš‘

        • @queeg0909
          For somebody that’s killed many people, it would still seem unfair for him to die. He killed the butcher’s boy on Joffrey’s orders, otherwise, he hasn’t done much to make anyone really hate him.
          He may tell people to fuck off and call them cunts, but we all like him.

          You’re dad couldn’t have said it any better.
          That’d scare many people into staying under 80 mph.

          • @re-pete since he cheated death more than once it would be sad if he gets knocked off..then again who knows who will survive winter ๐Ÿบ bronn is cool too hope he makes it

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