Explosion Sets Multiple People On Fire

Explosion Sets Multiple People On Fire

This looks straight out of an action movie but this is the real deal. The first video shows multiple pedestrians walking along just going about their day when suddenly there’s a huge explosion. There’s an enormous flame and everyone goes running but some got caught in the fire and are running while engulfed in flames. The one running down the stairs is completely covered and still finds the ability to run back up the stairs. A man is able to put out one of the victim’s with a jug of water but there’s a ton more desperately waiting their turn. The second video shows a train speeding down the tracks and I guess hits the railing where people walk across which caused the explosion.

15 thoughts on “Explosion Sets Multiple People On Fire

  1. Jesus. Several people were fully engulfed and for so long some of them ended up just standing there. Their nerves must’ve been blissfully deadened by then or they were in such a state of shock they felt no pain. At least for the next few minutes anyway. Couldn’t imagine a day like that going down and being a part of it. Much empathy for these poor people whomever they are. May the Rest In Peace.

  2. niggas really be out here on fire and shit dawg lmao, nigga on fire stood at the bottom of them stairs and looked calm as gel as of everything was fine, ran up them stair like my mans rocky balboa dude holy shit, hope he died I wouldn’t want to live with the scars

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