Naked Woman Found In the Streets

Naked Woman Found In the Streets

I’m not really sure what happened here. There’s a dead woman lying on the ground and she’s all fucked up however I have no clue why. It could be foul play as she’s mostly nude with her clothing bunched up around her. There’s a helmet close by on the ground and we’ve seen people lose their clothing from vehicle accidents so that’s also a possibility I guess. Either way she’s dead but she was smart enough to wear sandals that strap around her ankle so even in death she didn’t lose them.

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  1. She was hit by some vehicle that “didn’t stopped”, her clothes are destroyed under her though, you can still see the patches of clothes attached to her body. The helmet maker company could hire some staff from that sandal maker company to share their advanced technology to have things strapped to their client’s bodies… πŸ˜†

  2. Could she have died from an explosion that just scorched her,blew her clothes off but was far enough away to only cause internal injuries and no dearticulation? Anyone? It is almost as if a faulty jihadi “underwear”bomb blew up whilst she was wearing in on her hip or some shit! Exploding iPhone?

    • An exploding iPhone seems plausible. There have been recalls on them due to faulty batteries. I could see it catching fire and causing her to lose control of the bike…

      Or, she may have been doing a modern version of Lady Godiva and got doused with gasoline by angry goat lovers.

      Just a couple of scenarios… 😁😁


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