Man Is Buried Alive

Man Is Buried Alive

This is about a year old but I think it’s worth posting to have in our library of messed up stuff. The video shows a man who is blindfolded and he’s up to his neck in dirt. He’s still alive but he’s in for an agonizing death. To me this is the worst way to die but then again I’m claustrophobic so I’m a bit biased. If he were lucky, they would’ve just shot him in the head but instead they start shoveling more dirt on him. It only takes a few seconds before he’s fully covered and that is the end of him. What a horrible way for your life to end.

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  1. @weareallgoingtodie Being buried alive sounds worse than it is. Asphyxiation only means going light headed, dizzy and then passing out. Hardly painful. It isn’t in the top 10. I’ll add a few worst ways to die. For me, it has to be Scaphism, Burning, being cut up one cell at a time, a long cancer battle or having untreated wounds. Scaphism probably #1 .. and obviously coupling these methods with drug administration to boost longevity and sensitivity of the nervous system, along with maintaining consciousness. Can also mix these things up for a multi-combo horror death and add being fucked by a horse into the proceedings ..

    • @lionroll
      I guess it could’ve been a lot worse.
      They could’ve poured fire ants on his head, tied his head to the back of a truck and then floored it, poured gasoline on his head and lit him up, started stoning him or they could even put some chopped up meat, gizzards or dog food all over his head and leave him out there over night and see what happens.

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