Guy Runs For His Life But Loses It Anyway

Guy Runs For His Life But Loses It Anyway

I feel like so often we see gore where the victim doesn’t fight back. It could be that they’re accepting their fate but rarely do they actually try to do anything so this was a pleasant surprise. This happened a couple of weeks ago where a youngster tries to make a run for it down the streets but unfortunately for him he’s not fast enough. His killer is right on his tail and he doesn’t just shoot him…he unloads. He’d do great in a horror film because you know he’d make sure the killer was dead. The guy is very very dead with blood everywhere and the man looks through his pockets before firing off a few more rounds in his head. Such a gentleman.

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21 thoughts on “Guy Runs For His Life But Loses It Anyway

  1. Echoing steps , dark alleys , mean street lights, shady corners …………. gentsmen the hunt has just begun and the one on the run seconds ahead of his killer has the distance between the two breathlessly squeeze .
    The former seems to have gone awry because he knows Death is trailing him red eyed , licking its lips wanting blood some how anyhow .
    And suddenly the minute stops and there is a volley of gun shots heard but the killer appears frenzied .The promise he made to Death seems fulfilled.
    Trigger happy silhouette will seek another hunt another
    night .
    A little away from the scene a bat just flew by while the crickets chirped happily as the whiff of the spent lead still remains hung up in the air

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