Woman Kidnaps Child

Woman Kidnaps Child

No gore on this one but I think any parent’s worst nightmare is their child being taken away from them. The first video shows a bunch of people hanging out in a restaurant. A woman in yellow comes in and at first sits with a group of people that she seems to know as she hugs the woman sitting there. She then walks over to a woman and her child and I’m not sure if she knows them or just saw a small child and wanted to say hi. She eventually picks up the little boy and hugs him fiercely so maybe she is familiar with them? She then carries the child outside but the mother is following right behind her and there’s clearly a commotion as many of the diners rush outside. The second video shows the woman putting the child into the back of a car and she tries to keep the mother from reaching her son while a man pulls her off as the car starts driving away. I don’t know what the motivation was behind this but the car got away as the mother posted a message about embracing your children because you don’t know when they’ll be taken and that she wants her son back and the other is a post describing the incident and a number to call with any information.

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  1. By this point the child was already sold to israel for organ traficking. 😐 They could have pinned the thief woman down and tortured her, break every single bone of her body and cut every muscle until she spilled the beans, and torture her friends there too for more info.

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