Plank Spank

Plank Spank

Okay I have a few older videos that I forgot to post and just came across so I apologize and I’ll sprinkle them in with the rest of the stuff I have. Is this torture or is this foreplay? You be the judge. A guy is tied up with his pants down and he’s getting a little spanking and by little I mean big. It looks like a construction site and there’s planks lined up just for the victim. The spanker winds up with each smack to hit as hard as he can. While the guy screams the planks break but that’s okay because there’s plenty more to keep the fun/not fun going. He understandably hops around trying to avoid the next hit but it’s not like he has anywhere he can go. That dude has some pent up anger but at least he got a good workout in.

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6 thoughts on “Plank Spank

  1. The next day there was a long queue of Masochists outside the Police Station. Each and every one of them proclaiming “I to, have stolen drugs!”. Well Ladies and Gentlemen, this was a cunning plan to round up all Masochists and now you will walk the plank and be eaten by sharks and plankton ..

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