Pedo Gets Punished

An alleged pedophile gets killed by an angry mob and I say alleged because it’s hard to know for sure if the person is ever truly guilty. This apparently happened in the Philippines and he is accused of raping and killing a little girl. I’m surprised the crowd chose this method instead of beating the guy to death or torturing him. If he’s guilty of the crime he got pretty lucky with such a quick death and if he’s innocent then that sucks for him.

14 thoughts on “Pedo Gets Punished

  1. we in the states should start doing the same. luckily in my state we have a program where once a pedo is committed to the sex offender program/prison it is super hard for them to ever get out and when or if they do they are monitored pretty much for the rest of their lives. only like 3 or so ever were “rehabilitated” enough to be released. sadly tho the demorats run most of our state. perhaps that’s the reason the city school system is so shitty. keep us poor colored folk from straying from the herd.

  2. What they could do to these guys is maybe light their crotches on fire first, then when they start running like crazy, that’s when they start trying and shoot them.
    At least make it fun or a little more interesting.

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