Guy Is Forced To Dig His Own Grave Before He’s Murdered

Guy Is Forced To Dig His Own Grave Before He's Murdered

This is a couple of weeks old so sorry for the tardiness. Dying a violent is a bitch on its own but imagine going through the mental torture of knowing it’s coming but having to wait for it. The first of the three videos features the victim speaking to the camera as a gun is being pointed at him. I’m not sure what he’s saying but hopefully our awesome translators can fill us in. The second video is very short but shows the man having to dig his grave that he knows his dead body will be put in. Talk about a total mind fuck. The third video shows his death and I thought it was going to be a quick shot to the head but his killers weren’t so merciful. Another guy comes in with a machete and starts whacking and stabbing away. It’s a brutal, painful and slow death for this poor guy with a close up of his head being sliced off at the end.

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  1. From the first video, it’s hard for me to translate because he’s talking in some alienish brazilian lookalike language… But from what I’ve heard and could understand, he was from Comando Vermelho (red commando) and since he was no longer part of them, he was on the run, and the “3” (probably Primeiro Comando da Capital (PCC)) were the ones capturing him, and when the “3” capture members or ex-members of CV, they give them no mercy. 😀

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