Naked Man Is Missing His Lower Jaw

Naked Man Is Missing His Lower Jaw

The very short translation I’ve got on this says that this is a thief who was shot in the face. If that’s the case then I can’t say I feel sorry for the guy. His lower jaw is completely gone and all he’s got is little flaps of skin hanging off. I have no clue why he’s naked, that seems to be the biggest mystery. He’d be a perfect zombie if they just left him as he is. I’d love to see the after pics on him when he’s all healed up.

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  1. Look on the bright side: think of the savings on toothpaste, wear and tear on the toothbrush, dental cost cut in half, not to mention no more mouthwash since he no longer has a mouth to wash. The list goes on and on. All in all I’d say he’s one lucky fellow.

    • @beelzebub
      He can become a boxer, being that he has less face to hit and no weak chin or mouth piece to worry about now.
      Wouldn’t his dental cost be zero though, or almost zero?
      He still has to brush his tongue before he kisses his lady, so I guess he needs his toothbrush and a some tooth paste.
      He may have to learn sign language now, that’s the only bad part.

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