Body Turned Into Scrambled Eggs

Body Turned Into Scrambled Eggs

I’ve got some serious road kill here and other than the clothing and a leg it’d be hard to tell it’s even a human. I see a tuft of hair and maybe a flattened face but this guy(?) got ran over good. All of their insides are out on display and the camera man makes sure to get a close up look at everything. I think it’s safe to say there will be no open casket at this funeral.

10 thoughts on “Body Turned Into Scrambled Eggs

  1. Forget truck more like a steam roller!!
    I could swear I heard a little little girl screaming at the beginning β€œMamma I don’t want to see it”

  2. That looks more like Philippino Balut than scrambled eggs. Where they eat half grown ducks in the eggs after some dead aging time. Like old cheese, but a baby duck. I’m sure my eating habits can be just as disgusting to others. I’m just commenting about the look.

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