Young Girl Is Executed

Young Girl Is Executed

A 15 year old girl named Vanessa dos Santos Nascimento was discovered February 14. She had been missing since the 12th and her body was found next to a prison. According to the translation, she was married and her husband was serving time in prison. I don’t know if the husband had anything to do with her murder or if it was revenge for whatever reason he was serving time but the video shows Vanessa being shot in the head. Fifteen seems too young to be married but being that this is Brazil I guess they have to start young considering the average life span down there is around 25.

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  1. The sounds of the rounds make me think it’s a .22. It does seem to be the weapon of choice for these types of things down there. Cheaper than 40, 45, 9 mm or 357 caliber. More importantly, when a Da Silva decides to show his “toughness” by emptying a clip in the vic, they can still go home and feed the family for another day.

  2. Those 15 years of hers co- relate to thrice her age in other parts of the hemisphere . And she was married with her man locked up behind bars , makes you wonder what was the way out for her to sustain ,it can’t be other than soaking in drugs and being a mule ;where ya think the stars and the heavens are all yours coz the money is money after all no matter what the perils are.
    Its easy concluding what may have led to her death at such a young age . It can’t be sex as she was poorly endowed and under age .What stands out as the only cause is none other than drugs and only drugs .She was doing it because she had to helplessly do it ; in order to sustain.
    Anyway why am I breaking my head on something so silly as
    this , I know she had to go this early as her time had come and in Brazil we have seen lapses go the drop of a hat .

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