Guy Loses His Tongue Among Other Things

Guy Loses His Tongue Among Other Things

Alright this one made me cringe because there’s certain body parts that I can’t handle watching being removed. The video starts with the victim already bleeding from his head while someone holds his tongue out. They start with a smaller knife and I swear it almost looks like the dude is trying to say he wants the bigger blade instead. He seems to change his mind however as he struggles to fight but there’s no getting out of this one. His mouth fills with blood that he has to continually spit out as they hand him back his tongue to put back in his mouth. The fun isn’t over because now they move on to his fingers. It takes them a while to get all of them off and the guy looks like he’s just having a shit day. I don’t know if they let him live after this one or not but I’m sure he was wishing for a quick death.

52 thoughts on “Guy Loses His Tongue Among Other Things

  1. He was his own surgeon trying to reattach that feet long tongue of his.
    Stacks of answers simply come by but when within the gang or a drug cartel one gets caught snitching around. it goes unpardonable .Some other lousy tricks up his smelly ass would have been pardoned but snitching in their vicious circle is considered as the biggest sin of all.
    First thing first ; gobbling things around isn’t gonna be easy beside shagging off that boner to jizz spray his shorts and undies would be another big headache .
    Now all that’s left for him to do is to make a festoon of those digits and tongue and tie around his neck to go begging alms . Atleast that way people are gonna pity him

  2. O my god, I’ve been doing sweet loving things on facebook, haven’t seen gore in a while I actually caught myself turning away, it’s like Freddy Kruger said,”” I’VE BEEN AWAY FROM MY CHILDREN FAR TO LONG”” lol. That was rough.

  3. This is a tough one to watch I will agree with the other members postings. What gets me is that every time I watch this video I audibly groan and cringe or go “Ahh” and squirm, or squirm and cringe or something akin to that. This could be longer as I’m curious what else they did to that guy. Even if nothing else reattachment of any of those appendages is highly unlikely. Dang. This video is a groaner for sure.

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