Man Kills Himself And A Child At The Mall

Man Kills Himself And A Child At The Mall

Alright here we go with round three of awful human beings taking life’s problems out on innocent children. A man is recorded at a mall killing himself and a small child. I don’t know if this is his kid or not. It could easily be his own child and some stupid revenge plot or considering how public the place is he may just be a psycho who grabbed a random child. In the video he is seen in the right upper corner carrying the little kid to the railing and throwing them over. Immediately after he climbs over the railing but he doesn’t jump right away. A second shot shows him finally jumping and landing on a counter smashing it to pieces. I tried to look for the child but couldn’t find him/her myself. A selfish asshole until the very end.

Edit: The child survived, thank you guys for the update on that.

40 thoughts on “Man Kills Himself And A Child At The Mall

  1. @littlefoot

    I think they grabbed the baby when he threw them…there’s a huge crowd in the beginning,that ran towards the escalator…

    How very,VERY sad…that poor baby didn’t have a choice,whereas that fuck,didn’t wanna even jump..smfh…. This world…humans are such fleshy viruses,and need to be destroyed…these videos prove it…fuck it,just fucking get rid of em all,and DON’T start over…😑😑

  2. Definitely it’s a case of some psycho under the influence of a certain drug not hesitating in grabbing a random child l and throwing it over remorselessly. The child probably of
    5 to 7 years of age was simply lifted and thrown away like a rag doll . Who were his/ her parents nobody knows and why these kind of weirdos are not kept under check will not be known either cause its China .China as we all know is the land of freaks ,
    Amidst all the chaos the headless moron finds his senses return partly only to observe people converging where he stood by the outer edge of the railing and that was enough for him to plunge to death for the fear of getting lynched or bashed up .
    He was so undecided , shaking like a leaf ……up until the last minute that nervousness had him acting like a freak on a show ; but finally seeing him hit the deck crashing through a counter brought about a sad end to a bizarre climax . I hope the child survived

  3. @littlefoot

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