Man Jumps Off Of Building

Man Jumps Off Of Building

Alright this is our second jumper of the day but this one is less selfish than the last. It’s sad when you’re grateful that someone who wishes to end their life only takes themselves out and no one else. This guy at least chose a high enough building to guarantee death so he put some thought into it. Multiple people are shouting, I’m sure trying to talk him out of doing it but his mind was already made up. He lands hard on the ground and that’s that. I have to say watching these online I’m fairly numb to most of the gore but honestly if I were present during something like this I think it would affect me a lot more. It’s almost like my mind goes into movie watching mode even though I know it’s real. Anyone else feel like that?

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  1. I like in the beginning of the video when he had them guys moving those cars, tearing out that tree and clearing out where he thought he would land. Cool dudes. And then they all cry.

    Hi @littlefoot. ; ). You’re doing great keeping us going. I haven’t heard back from Next about writing or contributing. Hope alls well.

  2. A bit of enactment is always welcome before the last departing minutes. Sometimes it so happens the one feeling suicidal confronts a war of thoughts .where the mind says , hey give it up but the heart says , Don’t please don’t !! ,to hell with the mind ,just do it and show.
    Caught between a raging storm of thoughts ,ultimately its the heart that wins.
    Unmistakably its a high rise building within some suburb of China and the guy so bent on ending his life doesn’t look well prepared . I think he misconstrued the waving gestures made by the onlookers thinking , they meant , the elevation isn’t much &; you’ll be alright when you land. so true he kept their hearts &; obliged gleefully with a day light shutting thump.

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