Mother And Daughter Executed

Mother And Daughter Executed

Alright we’ve got round two of innocent children being murdered and this one is very short but there’s more to see compared to the last one. The information I’ve got says this is a mother and her daughter, who is 11, and that this is gang related. The poor little girl is shot first and then the mother who doesn’t look very old herself. I don’t know how these people can go after an innocent child like that. Adults is one thing but you have to be a sick fuck to punish a child for someone else’s crimes.

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  1. Oh man..Sorry about you having to keep posting about kids @littlefoot

    Unfortunately death doesn’t discriminate,death doesn’t care about age,color,status,of any type,etc….

    Either way,tiz still sad to see a baby/child go…i wonder if we can get any further info on this…many thanks for the post hun!❤

  2. They are desperate for money to feed their own wives and children (hence the viciousness behind gang warfare). You can’t look at this with a comfortable perspective or you’ll miss the truth. It is an ‘us or them’ mentality that motivates this logic. Poverty is a killer. Can get hung up on this in a negative manner or be positive that it is another paving stone in the road of change. Nature’s choosing. No doubt the mother was a nasty bitch and the innocent daughter will unfortunately grow up to be the same. Props for the posts Littlefoot. Posting makes you an educational journalist. You deserve to be paid more than the typical Mrs Anchorwoman who spreads the ‘Your politicians aren’t corrupt and they love you’ rhetoric. What hurts us, kills us or grows us.

      • @Schlitzie I can respect that. It comes down to personal philosophy somewhat. I don’t differentiate between Humans and Nature. I believe we are one and the same. As for Poverty being the killer. It is one way or another. Sure they should farm and build civilisation but their land is so corrupt and they see for instance the US with more and are jealous and want more so badly for themselves. That envy drives their irrationality. Either desperation or envy of something leads to these types of actions. Is a bullet different to lightning? Fermions V Fermions. No it is not. Both are anomalous bursts of energy. This is my philosophy though. I can respect otherwise.

          • Hi Nems. Yes. Like an experiment they did with some animals, where if they were restricted to only a small area to roam when young, they would never think to wander outside that area when older. (Just like the socialists and leftists are trying to do to us). Perhaps the ones who are made bad are the the ones who finally escape from the fences? The ones who revolt. @hopingfornemesis

        • If i remember correctly @beelzebub is a self-made man who was able to pull himself up by his bootstraps. He thus believes in human agency. You can get out of poverty if you apply yourself. You believe that sometimes circumstances and a system are insurmountable and thus one is stuck in poverty. I believe you are both right and the truth truly lies in the middle.

          The system stinks but some people are just born or made bad and no help will make them better human beings able to act civilised.


          • @hopingfornemesis
            There are two great experiments on social behavior that I can think of that applies here. One was a prison experiment. At a university and the other a classification experiment in a middle school classroom. They showed how the human can be easily brought to believe they are superior or inferior based on their rolls in society. In each experiment, those who were given the privileges excelled in academics and confidence. Those who were deprived of freedom and equality became resentful and quickly fell into the mold of feeling anger and a sense of injustice. As the experiments progressed, unrest and acting out ignited a fire storm as each group worked to either keep the boundaries separated or fight for equal rights. The one part of both experiments I found lacking is the area of naturally being evil while in either group. That, I believe, is the flaw in these studies. Anyway… my two cents.

          • Thanks @blason. I studied the uni experiment when i was in uni myself but do not know of the second. Very interesting cases.

            The uni one was called the Stanford Uni experiment. You are quite right. These experiments teach us what people can do and become evil when they LEARN certain behaviours etc. It does not show us those who are INNAtely evil in both groups.ieBORN Bad either because of fucked up genes or supernatural evil in them.

            The second classroom one may be the one run by the white woman schoolteacher who was raised racist in the DeepSouth. She then grew out of that and then went on to run studies and classes. One was within all-white classes. She simply started treating blue -eyed people better than brown-eyed. The blue-eyes than started feeling superior. When the behaviour and beliefs were entrenched she reversed it and the blue-eyes were at tge bottom of the heap. It was a very interesting study. The whole classroom realky enjoyed and learned from them.An eye-opener if you will. Lol

  3. Driven to the extreme what other choice is left to fend for self or the ones you call your own .? This woman in particular must have succumbed to the needs of hers and that of her daughter with no support and Brazil is a thriving hub where little to no effort is needed if its drug related cause its all about paddling to and from and making some easy money by
    the end of the day . To survive harsher realities of life although the mother may have agreed to involve herself in the nefarious acts she didn’t quite realize that her own misdoings will jeopardize their very own existence one day.
    She would have been better off begging alms on the street at
    least that way they would have lived to see another day
    rather than involving herself with the gangs ….. getting herself and her young one killed in the
    An innocent child for no crime of hers had to pay with her life and the killer won’t shed no tears
    Gangsters come incompassionate , remorseless & heartless ……… for them any age means no age when they take their so called oath of allegiance.

  4. Wow, that was some cold shit. I just don’t get it. As a father of 2 daughters myself, I just can’t fathom it. It’s strange how as a society, we feel like killing kids is repugnant. And I agree. But our governments around the world kill children wholesale through wars. pollution, greed, and many other things. And we are quick to not only go to war but to kill children wholesale over long periods of time. People like to use Dinosaurs as an analogy for something being unsuccessful, or outdated. But as fierce as many of them may have been, they lasted millions of years while humans have been here just a few thousand years. Even with some of the most ferocious creatures to ever live being dinosaurs, they were able to live in harmony with the planet as a whole. Humans are the most savage creatures to inhabit the earth. And we are likely to end up destroying not only our only home but any chance for our offspring to eventually survive and thrive. Who knows, some alien archeologist may visit earth one day, study our ruins and use the same analogy to describe us that we use to describe (inaccurately btw) the dinosaur.

  5. GodDamn… there’s something in the water or in the air. Hell, another occurrence here in the US of a mother killing her three young children, then herself. The mother was mentally ill, already identified by the area social worker. All the while allowed to keep custody of her kids… so fucked up.

    — Michigan mother fatally shoots 3 young daughters in woods before killing self —

  6. wish I had the time, money, and means to kill these fucks. I so could be a great executioner of the wicked. I am no saint either. when I drop lsd I see the devil in the mirror and I like the way I look with horns. I can kill death row inmates for the low low. no more tax payers having to fork out the bill.

  7. Every time I watch this, I just don’t see a mother and daughter, more like two sisters and they look to be way younger than 11. I’ve probably seen this 20 or more times and I see two babies being executed, to me I was thinking 5 or 6 years old maybe add one more year to each but they look tiny. Hopefully we will get a video of someone torturing the asshole who shot them soon.

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