Man Gets Fingers Chopped Off

Man Gets Fingers Chopped Off

A young guy is recorded on video surrounded by a group of men. They each have a gun that they point at his head and it seems like they’re about to open fire but then they do the ol’ switcheroo and start banging his head with their weapons instead. Does this count as a gang bang? Once the odd use of guns is over they decide to punish him by laying his hand across a board and removing his fingers. The first chop gets through most of the fingers but it takes a few to get that pesky pinky off. The video ends there but it’s hard to believe they let him live after they all brought their guns to the party.

26 thoughts on “Man Gets Fingers Chopped Off

  1. If they leave him at this stage he may have a fair chance sprinting to a surgeon with that hacked up part requesting reattachment .But that’s gonna be one in a million chance .Surprising with so many muzzles pointing at him he was as cold as ice muttering uttering no words; nor daring to bat his eyelids.

  2. So, this one was a drug thief apparently, they stole from “San Francisco”… Dunno if that’s a place in Brazil or some Gang in there. Someone in the background said to “chop the fingers from the other hand”, so this might be just a teaser. 😛

    Also the paper says: “I am what happens when stealing from San Francisco”

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