Man Swan Dives Off Of Crane

Man Swan Dives Off Of Crane

I always find it interesting all of the different ways people choose to end their life. I wonder what makes a person choose one method over another and if they regret their decision as they’re hanging, drowning, burning or, in this case, falling. The man at least chose a tall object to jump off of so he’s guaranteed an instant death. Is it just me or does it seem like a bit of a cartoon where he takes a while to actually fall? He even managed to land on the concrete instead of the dirt so I give him 10/10.

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  1. @re-pete Yes I am familiar with that sound. Could make a music video with this. The man going up and down in the air “ahr ugh ahr ugh *cue percussion* ahr ugh ugh ahr ugh *cue disco lights* ahr ugh”. His Cranium must have exploded. I always wonder (when I see these vids) how much pain is felt in suicide jumps. Time slows riiiiight down in dangerous situations. Do you think that for like 1/100 ms you feel that skull smashing agony? Ps no I won’t go test it to find out 😀

  2. Another worker trying to impress the boss??

    Seriously… These low paid ride operators are the bomb-dot-com. When the hell are they gonna get the training needed (or at least a check list) to stop forgetting to connect the bungee cord before the jump.

  3. So many people have come into the hospital with a failed attempt to commit suicide. Last week between six or seven patients attempted suicide (in just the ED). Not including others on different floors.

    I should show them all this video so they know how to do it properly next time.

    If you’re contemplating suicide- either do it or move on. This fella at least knew is decision.

  4. His purpose to violently shake the earth has been served .Its not easy to bring tremors all by yourself & be able to cause a geo-shift ; I tell ya ; this guy was truly gifted in achieving what he’d set out to do . Most of all the elevation was jaw dropping ; but nothing deterred his spirit as he was able to give a run for the money to Spider man
    While that “THUD” was ear shattering for some but it was pure music to my ears.

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