Man Has His Ears Cut Off

Man Has His Ears Cut Off

If you think you’re having a crappy day I’m betting this guy has you beat. The video starts with a man who’s tied up to a tree while holding his left ear in his mouth. The guy holding the knife is already starting on the second ear and I’m impressed with how well the victim is handling the torture. It’s not until the last little bit that he starts to flinch and I’m not sure what those guys in the background are saying/singing but they seem to be enjoying the show. I have no clue why he’s having his ears cut off but I’m pretty positive it didn’t stop there and much more happened after this video ended.

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21 thoughts on “Man Has His Ears Cut Off

  1. Eerie .. this is one of the few people that can probably pull off the earless look. Pretty sure I’ve seen some kind of sci fi alien movie with an alien that looks like that. Just to think that he woke up that morning had breakfast (probably a banana) and he had NO idea that he would be chewing on his own ear later that day. He even looks like he is reminiscing back to how much better breakfast was.

  2. Well. If they didn’t kill him, I’m almost positive he would have come back for a revenge ear trimming on these guys.. But revenge can never be an equal dose, portioned out in a just and equal way. Can it? It always has to be much more and far worse for the “don’t come back and fuck with me because I’m really gonna hurt you a lot worse than this” effect.

    How would it go down in the hood if Pedro, newly de eared, took a few days off and did the same thing to the ones who de eared him? Eh? So, now you got 5 or 6 guys in the village who all have no ears, walking around, embarrassed that this happened to them and only because they were teaching a lesson to Pedro by cutting his ears off. Well, now we should either kill him or cut off his nose and his balls…

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