Woman Kills Herself And Her Son

Woman Kills Herself And Her Son

I’m starting off the week with a sad video involving a child so I apologize. In fact, there’s gonna be a few of those coming up so I’m giving a fair warning now. People who hurt children are the most evil, vile, disgusting human beings on the planet but the ones who turn on their own children take it to the next level. Kids are so vulnerable, trusting and only want love from their parents. Once you become a parent nothing else in the world comes before your child. Not your social life, your significant other, your job…nothing. There’s so many people in this world who don’t deserve to have children and this bitch is definitely one of them. I don’t know what her motivation is for this, whether it’s money problems, getting back at an ex or just a psychotic break down but she chose to not only end her own life but her child’s as well. Her son holds onto his mother as she puts them onto the edge of a bridge. The video is very short as they fall to their death and while there’s no picture of the aftermath, it’s deeply affected those who witnessed as two men are pictured hugging and crying. I can’t imagine what was going through this child’s mind but this woman is an absolute monster for being so selfish as to take her child out with her. If you aren’t ready to love your child with all you’re worth and sacrifice everything for them, including your own life, then do all of us a favor and don’t have one.

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  1. Oh my…poor baby..i understand wanting to go at your own time,but why in the fuck bring the kid too?.. It makes absolutely no sense to me,in any aspect!… Religiously speaking,she looks Mexican,and they’re Catholics…10 commandments come in Spanish too!..i don’t even like the fuckhead upstairs,but i know,if i kill my babies andme,i go to hell,they go to paradise…Awww,what’s wrong girl,you lonely? Let’s just take a trip together kiddo?.. No balls,so take the kid for reinforcement? Retaliation? Seriously,You stupid cunt,once the sadness plateaus a little, your family will notice you just saved them thousands of dollars by offing yourself and kiddo… I mean,fuck,forreal?… What was the fucking point to killing your kid too?… Take whoever hurt you with you,not your babies,not your furbabies…take the asshole,Or holes,who did it to you,TAKE THEM!…Smfh…πŸ‘ΏπŸ‘ΏπŸ‘ΏπŸ”ͺπŸ”ͺπŸ”ͺπŸ‘ΏπŸ‘ΏπŸ‘Ώ

  2. Is a tragedy. Culmination of events boiling up in her head followed by a breakdown in rationality. Inability to handle where she was previously and where she was that day. I do think this stuff is like Nature sacrificing for the greater good. Humbles and educates the people. They look wealthy so that kid at least probably had more than most on that continent will ever have. RIP

  3. I’m still a relative nu-bee on this site, but over the short time that I’ve been lurking, you’ve shown me enough to conclude (in my mind anyway) that the socioeconomics, the living conditions, the drugs and gangs, the fractured governments… practically anything dealing with my southern neighbors… the region can be a fucking shit hole. Christ, videos and photos of CHILDREN being murdered and tortured in the most gruesome ways (by “other” assholes) because of their parents actions/inactions. I mean, absolute merciless brutality towards “children”, sometimes by other children.

    I’m not trying to make excuses for this mother….. none whatsoever… I am a parent too. However, the question begs to be asked… what demon was she fleeing from? Perhaps this mother was desperate to escape some fucked up, hellish environment she found herself hopelessly trapped in, and was equally petrified to leave her son behind to become ensnared in the same hell that she was trying to escape. I recall one of the first beheading videos I saw here, which was of a young woman sitting in the forest, who was involved in drugs… but she had a young daughter. There was also another video (that “she” had made) saying how she wanted out, and was hoping for a new life with her kid. Well, the mother’s dead and I’ve always wondered whatever happened to her child.

    God Damn, I cannot fathom the thought of being so blinded by everything around me that I would also murder my own kid.

    Who the hell knows, right? In terms of the “Cunt” factor… she looks to be affluent. Perhaps this is a case of being spiteful because she caught her husband boning a hot senorita across the street, and she was in a losing custody battle for her son??

    • @isshinryu

      I was gonna go that same route with my comment!..Then i thought about it,other than she took him with her,because they were running away from an abusive,killer hubby/father,who’d kill them anyways…What logical,or some what logical reason would there be that she HAD TO kill him…other than above,i don’t see any..They look well off,so no starving,or abusive marks,at least to the eye… There’s other people out there,who she could have left him with…ijs… Personally,i believe in seeing it from all angles,but this decision was fucking wrong yo!..any reason,was not worth that boys life…πŸ’”

    • @isshinryu
      You may not be trying to make excuses, but it sure sounds like it. It’s not the government’s fault nor society, economics, or the price of rice in China, it lays solely on the perpetrator.
      The only possible exception I can see is severe mental illness like the bitch in Houston that drowned her small children years back, one by one, but even that is not an excuse, it’s a reason.
      As a Southener I also take exception to the “southern neighbor” “shithole” comment. Are you suggesting this a bigger problem in the south? That we’re a bunch of toothless corn-shuckers who have a greater propensity to murder our children cuz the welfare check didn’t show, or our gubbament is fractured?

      • @beelzebub

        Please, don’t get me wrong… The “pissed” factor is definitely with me too. Here in the US, I get pissed when meth addicts abandon their kids; I get pissed reading about a mother driving her fully loaded mini-van over a 200 foot cliff and into the pacific; I get pissed seeing a news report that a mother drove her SUV into a lake with the kids belted in the back; I get pissed reading about some drugged up/drunk father shooting the entire family then himself. All selfish acts.

        Because I’ve had a direct family member commit suicide in a very violent way (shot gun on the back porch of our house), I am forever cursed with running that movie in my mind over and over again. And I’ll never get the answer to my most basic question… “Why was all hope abandoned?”

        That’s the question… That is the question I am asking myself as I watch that mother and son fall to their deaths.

        One thing is for certain, murder/suicide is most certainly a selfish act. And most particularly when the acts mail goal is to purposefully hurt others. Yep, that pisses me off.

  4. I think maybe they were driving to the local supermarket when they saw an injured cat at the side of the road, they pulled over and followed it whilst it (with its 2 back gammy legs) managed to climb over the bridge barrier (probably to look at the view or get away from the road noise, so it could have a peaceful passing). They followed it onto the ledge and were trying to assist it when the emergency services also turned up to assist over calls of people there. Her husband then actually rang her and as she reached into her pocket she lost her footing and tumbled over the side with her son. The injured cat is now receiving treatment at the local vet and still can’t believe it was saved.

  5. This is the kind of behavior I would expect from a woman who would cut her husbands balls off. Fuck. Women are going ape shit nuts on men and boys lately. I get all my news, right here on RGM. I’m informed of the state of the world. I know what’s happening right out my front door. I’m staying tuned…

  6. I thought it was selfie time in the fourth thumbnail but on a
    closer look it turned out the slut was wanting to play game
    of death ….and lo behold ! who goes to commit suicide all decked up wearing colorful snoods but she chose to do it . and she did it . Perched up high above she gave zero fucks to vertigo , even to a hand extended out to her for rescue because the ho thought she had had it enough ; with her mind going through several bouts of conflicting emotions choosing to bring an end to all her miseries not caring for innocent life she had given birth to .
    If she was so neck deep in debts .. she could have sold her luscious body made some fast bucks and cleared all her debts and her life would still be rosy sadly but her emotions got the better of her .
    If she was separated she still could have chosen to have another beginning with another someone new but alas here again I suppose ;her emotions would have got the better of her ultimately.
    Finally if she dreaded visiting a gynec because she thought
    she had some sorta STD or she caught AIDS from her previous partner there were ways to deal with the problem but there again I think her emotions still would have got the better of her .
    Taking such a drastic measure alone was fine if she was so fucking fed up but why drag her little one .
    I can well imagine how that innocent child must have felt
    bracing on to her totally fear struck looking in to her eyes that minute if she would change her mind .

  7. One way to save the young one’s life may have been to fly a single/twin engine aeroplane close to the bridge and at the last millisecond have the co pilot grab the boy out of the mother’s arms (maybe using a handheld fishing net?) whilst simultaneously beheading the woman and with the aircraft wing. Of course it could all go horribly wrong but this seems like a reasonable solution.

  8. Now wait a minute having a single / twin engine standing by 24×7 sounds all too fantasical but the bird needs a runway and mind ya they are not the VTOL types and lets say even if we arrange to have the live feed in real time relayed to the nearest airport and by the power of mighty Aves the pilot happens to navigate to the precise coordinates …at the
    millionth of a second I am afraid the so called rescue is gonna go haywire because superman won’t be around as ,” he is always busy ” and given the choice any ordinary co-pilot is one like ya and me who would be susceptible to utter failures . Why not hire an ISIS butcher seated as the co-pilot for beheading and also swaying the wings shall be a big NO NO as it might crash the kite as suicidal skulls come much harder than Kryptonites and for fishing out any innocent life we’ll have to hire someone standing by with the jet pack who will simply pluck and fly away the kid to the place he was brought from .
    Just think it over@lionroll if the plan is viable and lemme
    know asap .

    • @blucon Haha! Yes you have convinced me that there could be simpler ways. There is something about an ISIS butcher swinging a cleaver out of the side of a small plane. Not sure what but one idea leads to another and I am now thinking we should purpose build a very large Single Airliner Jet Engine for the sole purpose of pushing ISIS into. Any suggestions what to call this? Someone in a Jet Pack picking up the remains and bringing them back up to the bridge is simply a marvel. Maybe he just flys up to 500ft and redrops the remains, then again at 750ft for some kind of weirdly entertaining display/day out for the locals.

      • “JizzAir” is the name that comes to my mind @lionroll ;however we shall have to contemplate and get the airframe passed for there will be four windows with the cleavers as addons and a side cabin for goats for an immediate lay incase the butcher gets horny Also the protocol mandates that every butcher with the circumcised phallus will have to board the plane stark naked clean shaven .
        As for the jetpackers they will have to board the rear cabin and be in stand by mode meeting two spheres of duties one of which would be to rescue and later entertain the general public with their aerobatics .

  9. Read mostly all the comments about this and I agree. But the demons this woman had was far more effective at the whispers of death than the safety of her son. Bitch should burn. I don’t care how weak you are , anything can be overcome. I’m a goddamn example

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