Woman Cuts Her Husband’s Nuts Off

Well, a woman in an undisclosed area of Brazil got sick and tired of her husband’s infidelity. In particular, with the next door neighbor. So she tied him to their bed and she cut his fucking nuts off. He bled all over the floor of that room. Looks like a mass shooting took place. I don’t know how he didn’t bleed out but he survived and was taken to the hospital and the wife was taken into custody.

Goddamn, I know women talk about wanting to do this to their exes but this one actually did it lol. Now his cheating ass ain’t gonna get no play sounding like Mickey Mouse lol.

39 thoughts on “Woman Cuts Her Husband’s Nuts Off

  1. Her last words before being carted away:

    OH BALLS! I forgot to turn off the stove!…

    Or it was worth IT! He was NUTS!!…

    HahahA!… I love the picture of her on the bed,looking ALL sweet and shit!..crazy bitch!…my none existent balls hurt now…ugh.. Guess this nigga never needs to worry about getting blue balls again!… Should have kept your evil penis of death in your pants yo!….YOU DROPPED SOMETHING!! I mean,YOUR WIFE DROPPED SOMETHING!!… 😂😂🔪🍆🔪🍆🔪🍆🔪😂😂

  2. Honestly though why the hell arent there state mandated punishments for infidelity? It was death before, it’s quite normal to want to kill a cheater. If the state wont punish it then you’ll keep getting these types of vigilante revenge attacks. I personally went to jail for such things, not as severe but what does one expect?

  3. I’ll never understand women that destroys men’s things and or hurts them because of cheating. Are you that fucking weak minded that these are your only choices? Leave him it’s that fucking simple but cutting his balls off is so so much worse than him cheating….fucking hypocrite

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