Tag That Image! #102

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Does my semen sample look normal, doc?

Planned parenthood teams up with Burgerking to celebrate New York’s full term abortion law with a tasty new treat.. Have your lunch AND your abortion, YOUR way and get a free desert.

Cherry Garcia!!!

57 thoughts on “Tag That Image! #102

  1. Friend #1: Is that mine or yours?

    Friend #2: It’s mine dude come on..oh shit you know what, I think this one is yours, mine is coming right up.
    No no, don’t start looking at it now, I just know its yours.

    • Pretty soon we’ll be able to abort our fetuses at 2, 10 even 16 years old. Post partum abortions. For when ya just can’t deal with your fucking choices, or any consequences or responsibilities… When you give up your humanity for your own selfish self. Is it really “freedom of choice” when your baby looks like a baby and not like a slug, just starting its 9 month trip into being alive?

  2. β€œI couldn’t help it! I just love it! I can’t just walk by that adorable abortion clinic gift shop without stopping in and treating myself to a souvenir every time I’m there! They just have the most unique things! Come check out my collection over here and if you see something you like, tell me, I’ll grab another when I’m there again in a few weeks!”

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