Man Beheads Girlfriend And Posts It On Facebook

Man Beheads Girlfriend And Posts It On Facebook

Hey guys, long time no post and I apologize for that but I’ll try to make up for lost time. This occurred last Thursday and actually took place in the US which we don’t see a lot of. The Honduran couple were living in an apartment in Seattle, Washington when NahΓΊm RodrΓ­guez beheaded his girlfriend, Lety, in the early morning and then posted pictures of her body on her Facebook. The motive isn’t entirely known although the translation says passion problems which probably means someone cheated. The guy has a touch of crazy in his eyes so it’s really not surprising he lost his shit and murdered her. I haven’t heard about this story at all from any US news sources myself. This information came from a Latin news site so I doubt it’ll be covered at all here in the USA. This is why you always stay cautious of who you date and look for the slightest red flags. I’m a suspicious, judgmental bitch but at least I’m still alive.

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  1. I love when race traitors pay their toll. I honestly love seeing violence against women nowadays knowing how whoreish they are after being cheated on. Now I understand why we used to stone cheaters. I say let them all die until they submit to extreme patriarchy again.

      • Easy for you to say as you are happily married. I say that in the best possible way as you have told us about your family. Yet not everyone is as philosophical as you are and does any one of us really know what we would do if cheated on?

        I hope I would be philosophical about it. Either the women I have been with are very faithful or they were very clever at keeping it secret from me.hahaha Knowing Dads and Husbands are the last to know anything I would think as a Man it is probably the latter! Lol

        I agree with @littlefoot. He is a little crazy-looking but I suppose I would look a little crazy in photos.

        She has a big tat on her thigh. I know tats on thighs doesnt make you a gansta moll but could it be they are gangstas who made in The Us and he just couldn’t shake the gangsta mentality?


    • How black is black? Does one black ancestor anywhere make me black? What if I look black but there are no known Black ancestors in my family ? What then?

      In my country ,we have had two hundred years of mixing of Aboriginals. Like in America ,some are very lightskinned and look European and you would not know they are black unless they told you. Are they black?

    • Sometimes those who have cheated on their loved ones,didn’t have a choice… I can’t speak for all cheaters,but i can for myself..twas ALWAYS the one who got cheated on,except this one fucking time….i love my newest daughter,but if i could go back in time,I’d of fought back harder the night she was conceived… Great kid,but not worth my now ex fiancee’s heartbreak/silence towards me… Im so very sorry that you got hurt by one of us too.. πŸ’”πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ’” @weareallgoingtodie

      • @soahc

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  2. At the first hint itself , nothing looks passionate about the couple from the pictures . If between the two any one of them had ever thought that there’s a two timer one of them is cozying around with… then best way out was to call it quits.
    Her beheaded head is the new logo for the social media site

    When passion rules the game
    Ain’t no one got no control, when hearts seethe in flames

  3. He probably found out,that her dicks,bigger than his!.. After one too many,of those pretty blue roofeecoladas,Lety couldn’t properly adjust her dick just right,and the rest,was history…well junk,his head,in his junk…..history…lol…. Many thanks for this story @littlefoot 😍😍😘❀

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