Woman Attacked and Partially Devoured by Crocodile

A 44-year-old scientist identified as Deasy Tuwo was feeding the crocidiles at the Yosiki Laboratory where she worked when she was dragged into the pool by Merry, a croc over 5 meters (over 16 feet) in length. Several hours later other scientists came and saw the woman in the pool, still in the jaws of the animal. But it was too late. Deasy’s arm had been ripped off by the powerful predator and it was in the process of devouring her.

Merry had attacked other crocs in the past but the scientists never had any belief that he would attack people. They speculate that the animal reared on it’s hind legs and lunged over the short barrier at the food in Deasy’s hands. An assortment of tuna, chicken and other fresh meats and it’s likely just an unfortunate accident that he grabbed a hold of her.

Surprisingly, Merry the Croc was not killed. He was secured and taken to an animal rehab facility where I guess they’ll start him on a vegetarian diet lol. But I gotta give the Indonesians props. American snowflakes would have not only killed Merry but every animal in the facility for good measure.

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  1. I heard a different story. I heard it was a pet crocodile illegally kept by a person who is now on the run. However ,she really was a scientist who was studying it.
    I have been stalked by such a five m croc in a croc- farm and I can tell you it is spine-chilling! They are enormous ,solidly -built of muscle and silent.

      • Haha. I was in no danger Allie. It was a croc farm and I was safe behind glass walls.Yet ,I was afraid.

        I just had to test out a theory. I noticed that when i had my back turned he had moved right up to me behind the glasswall. So then i moved position and watched and waited.

        Sure enough he would very very very slowly swim up to me looking like a log. Once he was right upto the wall ,I would move position to the other side of the enclosure. Sure enough he would do it again. We did this five or six times. Like the Terminator he would not give up and he was sinister and calculating. Made the hair stand up on my neck and arms. The scary thing is he was so slow ,so if you looked up at any one time it appeared he was a log or unmoved. Predator. ; would sidle up to you until you were close enough and then snap! Dinner hahah

  2. These Apex predators are superbly efficient at everything they do. Besides big cats, they are the perfect predator.So good at conserving energy, they have no problem waiting for months or even a year to eat. Because of that, they can afford to be patient. I love watching nature shows about Gators and Crocks. To think that a massive beast can hide it’s one ton, meters long body in water only inches deep. Creep right up to you without disturbing the water, fully submerged or with only it’s eyes and nostrils out of the water. Then launch that massive body out of the water to grab it’s prey and slowly submerge back into the murk, leaving no sign it was even there. Those things have been hunting the same way for millions of years, before the Egyptians, even before man evolved, and have honed their craft into a science.

    That woman probably made the same, simple mistake that many a victim learned equally the hard way. Over time, being complacent, believing they know the habits and behaviors of an animal with much more experience in their environment than humans will ever have. Lulled into thinking they have it all down pat when interacting with them on the beasts turf. Only to become the latest snack for a truly cunning Apex Predator. Tonnes of bite force pressure per square inch makes short work of flimsy human bodies every time. And it’s almost always our fault too, RIP.

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