Two Men Get Lynched

Two Men Get Lynched

I don’t know what these men did but it was bad enough to create a crowd of angry men beating the shit out of them. They could be completely innocent and just accused, one of the drawbacks of a mob. Instant justice is nice unless you didn’t do shit. Maybe they stole a bike or a woman or a chicken, who the fuck knows, but they’re being severely punished for whatever the crowd thinks they did. Both are being struck again and again and you can see the one’s bloody back which has taken quite a whipping. The guy in the green pants is really getting into it, spinning and winding up with a little foot shuffle before he swings. The video ends before we get to see their fate but I’m not betting they were allowed to live through this one.

24 thoughts on “Two Men Get Lynched

  1. Mr. Justice , the one in the green track pants was satiating his lynching lust like no other . Every time he went hitting with that
    long stick of his like a cricket bat he made sure of inflicting the maximum damage posing up like the way only some black Rastafarian cricketers do.
    I guess that’s the new way of playing cricket where the ones to be lynched are treated like some big leather balls .

    All in all it was spectacular watching it .As for the reward ; I am dishing out 10 points each .

  2. Fucking animals and unless that female screaming, is begging for mercy for them, I would pull the bitch’s hair and slap her into tomorrow.

    Mr Green pants is either a retard or stoned. Either way he was aiming for the guy’s balls with that iron bar!

    Some watercannon or machine- gunning would have been appropriate to disperse the crowd of jabberrers.

    Africa is going to Hell in a handbasket in a hurry!

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