Woman Left Folded in a Ditch After Hit and Run

A hit and run accident took place in the early morning hours in the Los Zanjón Provincia de Hermanas Mirabal, Salcedo (Dominican Republic), María Cuevas, age 44, was on her way to Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic. She was walking along the side of the road when she was struck and killed by an unknown vehicle in the early morning hours. The driver fled the scene and the body of Maria was discovered later that morning in a deep ditch along the side of the road, covered in dirt and her face all fucked up.

27 thoughts on “Woman Left Folded in a Ditch After Hit and Run

  1. I ‘m presuming that the impact had the lady go cartwheeling for a distance in a fetal position on her face which bore the maximum brunt as it was bare than the other body parts which had the clothes on ; thus keeping them intact.
    She had her face grazed hard against the pavement peeling skin to shreds and what fucking part of the country could that be with all dirt and filth strewn around ….yuck.

  2. I’m betting the impact with the vehicle caused the initial damage to her face. If any part of the vehicle struck her face, it would have split it right open. Judging by her final landing spot and contortion… she didn’t twitch very much. So, she may have died instantly before landing. Total speculation on my part…

  3. Alas …….we don’t have the video grab but just the still pictures. curse it anyway ; but this woeful saga is left to speculations alone at this stage …beside what ya have come to conclude could be just about right . I think the lady was hit from the back by an over speeding vehicle .
    Death because of the violent impact must have come instantly @blason

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