Guy Is Woken Up And Killed

Guy Is Woken Up And Killed

Imagine coming home after a long day of work, crawling into bed curled up in your grandma’s floral blanket that she left you, drifting off to dreamland then suddenly you’re woken up to a group of men entering your home. This isn’t the fantasy gangbang you were dreaming of though, these men mean business. It seems murder was the plan all along as he’s immediately made to lay on his stomach with his hands on his head. After a few smacks one of the men fires his gun into the victim’s head over and over and over. He must not trust his kill skills if he’s gotta shoot the guy that many times. On the bright side, this guy will never have to worry about waking up for work again.

49 thoughts on “Guy Is Woken Up And Killed

  1. Killer wasn’t much cocksure what to do with the left over rounds cause he’d felt sting of the jitterbug being new to the hunt.
    Another point is when too many wet dreams flood your mind be half awake as the night hunt begins only in the dead of the night .Instead of those cozy blankets , a blanket knit outta
    layers of dried up semen (half yours , half someone’s ) will serve as a better shield against all odds.
    Watch and don’t be half dead while asleep .

  2. They brust in and just asked him “Wheres your companions now, huh?! Where are they!? Where your “Iron” (gun), buddy!? Where your “iron”, huh?”, they said something about being Balas (“Bala Na Cara” (bullet in the face) gang), so I believe this is a gang revenge related thing. 😀

  3. I used to have a .22. actually got popped by popos with it while I was recklessly discharging it (was super drunk). cops literally ran me over when I ran no bullshit. fukn pigs. I’m a asshole for what I did. he was a lazy lying pos for what he did. lied said I slipped while running

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