Man Gets Choked And Stripped

Man Gets Choked And Stripped

Short video here of a man who’s getting his ass beat by a guy in a pink shirt with frosted tips so his man card has been revoked. This could be some sexual foreplay though, you gotta spice things up sometimes. The victim is choked and punched in the head while forced to strip naked. Unfortunately, the video cuts off there so we don’t know what happens next. Did he get whipped, killed, raped? I’m gonna go with D: all of the above.

30 thoughts on “Man Gets Choked And Stripped

  1. Frosted tip pink shirt has definitely got issues. Those cow-like grunts of the vic broke my heart. @ladywicked666

    I would hate to think the vic was a little “slow” and Frostie and his mates were picking on him because of it. I also noticed the vic was taking his own clothes off. You don’t think these cruel fuckers rape this “slow”guy often and have him as their gimp ,so he knows the drill? Beatings before rape?
    @littlefoot may be right after all. Sick cunts!
    I would shave Frostie’s hair off in disordered fashion and leave it uneven. Then i would whip the prick till his balls hid back up his stomach. That would teach him the sanctity of life.

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