Head Squashed at Work

Ew nasty head squash happened at the workplace. Not sure what country this took place in but dude here was inside what looks like some kind of press when it closed and smashed him. Popped his head like a fucking zit.

We have hydraulic presses for the molds I run at my own job and I still don’t trust them things even though we have safety guards and all that in place. Ugh… RIP flat head.

21 thoughts on “Head Squashed at Work

  1. I’d told ya all wearing EMS branded polos ; bring in a bad omen . I should have paid heed myself but naw look at ma ; fuck face what it did to me Don’t I look overtly super magnified. all thanks to that brute of a machine anyway.
    I am what I never used to be ….. from a smashed up dwarf to mimicking a big man’s face showing jutting out nipples Hey hey hey what can I say I’m more than glad .

    • Funny you say that. I also think he was a dwarf or “slow”individual. You dont think they had a handicapped individual working presses as an”affirnative action” type policy. If so, they ought to be shot! He does have puffy nipples like a woman .
      And why does he have underwear elastics around his chest? Calvin klein?

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