Guys Suicides Live

Guys Suicides Live

Social media is full of idiots and attention seekers and it’s a popular trend for people to kill themselves live. There’s probably 100’s of these videos now and I have to wonder how many of them would have gone through with it had there not been a live audience to watch. There’s a strange phenomenon of people being obsessed with fame no matter how negative it is. Everyone wants to leave their mark and be remembered. Sadly, for this guy he will be remembered for hanging himself from his ceiling fan. I’m not sure what he’s saying but odds are it’s his explanation of why he has decided to end his life. I’m always surprised at how strong ceiling fans are in situations like this. He swings around in circles like the ceiling fan itself as his body goes through the motions of fighting for survival. Who knows what the motive was for this; a girl, money, bullying or a million other reasons.

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  1. I always try to look for the moment they lost consciousness. But I canโ€™t tell if heโ€™s purposely swinging or if itโ€™s involuntary muscle movements from spinal cord injury.

  2. When as a child one always fantasized ,what’s like going in a “Merry Go Round”, then this is it !. His parents hadn’t had the money , no big ceiling ,Table ,Pedestal fans to cling or lean on to …….whereas he deserves kudos for being this big a coward of an asshole ,and now for crossing all the ceilings in over-weighing the hulk of a ceiling fan, his name is gonna go down in the annals of ” Hall of Shame” , in substituting a torn pauperish bed sheet for a rope.

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