Woman Has Crazy Tumor On Face

Woman Has Crazy Tumor On Face

Hey everyone, I’m going to try and post when I have time although I’m not sure how often that will be at this point but I’ll do my best. I’d like to apologize for freaking you guys out with my last post. The decision seemed set in stone, hence the announcement, but I’m really happy to see that people have changed their mind and plan to keep it going and I’m going to do what I can to keep it going too. Thank you for being so loyal and offering to step up and help. I’m excited to see what some of you have in store for us with your writing!

On with the show….if you’re ever feeling down about your looks just watch this video and you’ll change your mind. This poor lady has a huge tumor on her face and she looks like a damn Mickey Mouse cartoon character. I don’t really have any other info but honestly what else is needed? Her face is pushed out to where you can’t even define her nose and her eyes are pushed outwards. The poor woman sounds extremely upset and who can blame her? Make sure tonight you look at yourself in the mirror and be grateful that this isn’t your fate.

30 thoughts on “Woman Has Crazy Tumor On Face

  1. Damn, poor woman. Glad to see you still posting littlefoot! Yeah I’m gonna be very fortunate feeling after watching this. So nice to see everyone pitching in to the site. If it’s still breathing when spring hits, I’d like to throw down some green to help out. It would be a pleasure.

  2. The world is seemingly gone upside down making me wonder ; since when hippos have made up their minds to be away from deep waters preferring to be lying on the beds snoring &
    farting away to glory ;doing nothing not even basking in the sun not even catching a gator for a kill at all . What’s wrong with
    these semiaquatic mammals lately ……….. IDK !

  3. It makes me wonder what affects it has on her sinuses or her breathing. Can’t get rid of it now, guess she’s stuck with it.
    I hope they made a special pair of sunglasses for her.

  4. Platypii are all down the East coast of Aus and they are making a comeback with the fresher waters of streams again.

    The woman looks elderly. Thank God,I can see this being devastating to a woman who still wants to be attractive enough to find a sexual partner.

    Poor thing.The best thing is for her is to maybe pass away in her sleep.

  5. I dunno about that woman, but ya have to ask yourself…at what point do you no longer want to have the face of a Charolais heifer? Time to take care of your physical and mental help sooner than later, ladies! Hence, you’ll look like this one 😭🤢🥺🐮🐄

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