Chef Long Pig’s Hominid Delight

Rather cool little video here, Gorriors. A body was dumped in a large… well, dump, and left out in the open where it began decomposing. The corpse was found by some wild pigs who were rummaging for food and they hit the jackpot. A hominid delight for the hungry porkers. They gleefully begin chewing on the corpse and one takes a liking to the head of the dead man, trying to pull it off. Eventually the pigs meal is interrupted as they are driven off by the man filming.

25 thoughts on “Chef Long Pig’s Hominid Delight

  1. Twist that idiom a wee bit and ya have their pen squeaking out aloud about, “Every swine having its day” here today.
    What was wrong with the guy filming ’em . In any case what the decomposed bloated corpse meant to him; atleast if he hadn’t to shoo them away his footage would have been laced more porkishly.

  2. This is in Haiti and the language is Creole or Haitian Pig French .

    I don’t speak French but it seems that he is simply expressing his disgust and sorrow that Haiti is still a shithole where bodies are left to be eaten by pigs.

    Circle of life. Pig eats dead bodies. The Haitians will eat dead pig. Is it any wonder they have Zombies there with all these brain prion diseases in humans and pigs ie Kuru?

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