Man Jumps From Building

I have no idea what is going on in this video lol, seeing as how I don’t speak the language. But there is a rather animated conversation between the man in the building and the people in the parking lot. Not sure if this is a legit suicide or if it was some cry for help, but the dude does jump and lands on his head much to the horror of those watching. He’s pretty damn still while lying there so I guess he accomplished what he set out to do. Didn’t seem to be that far up to be fatal but when landing on your head extreme height is not really necessary.

Anyone who can translate feel free!

20 thoughts on “Man Jumps From Building

  1. I think the man wasn’t taking him seriously, just wanted him to get down persistently then the guy proved himself serious in sort of a pool dive manner huh? The camera man also seems related to the Olympic swimmer due to his outstanding screaming & crying performance. Perhaps it was his brother. Sad.

  2. From what I could underastand, it seemed to be some sort of spanish.
    The camera guy started by saying: “Get out of there, you’ll fall!”
    Someone in the background: “Come on call the cops! Call the cops! Do it!”
    I didn’t exactly understood what the jumper said though, he was repeating that from the start… but he jumped afterwards, and both guys were saying “Ohh he jumped! HE JUMPED!”, then the snowflake camera man just started crying “RRRRRRRREEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! HEEEE JUUUUMMMPEDD!! NOOOOOOOOOO REEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!” 😆

  3. Omfg,shut the fuck up guy…That’s probably why he jumped in the first place! Let’s egg him on,with taping him,and surrounding him!..he had to make it worth all the commotion!..meh.. Too bad there was no splatter,that would have been nice too!..

    Many thanks for the jumper though! 😍❤

  4. That wasn’t any leap worth my penny . He should have scaled the actual height right up to the terrace and chosen to jump from there . This was like a child’s play . Except for having sustained some bruises and a little of concussion he should be physically fine to rejoin his office the next week but he must make up his mind to go in for a repeat either at the office building or at his apartment and be suicide bound.

  5. I reckon he tripped up when he jumped. Still wantedto jump but he tripped as well. .

    He seemed to have hit head first to me. He is dead or dying. You can fall from a donley and if you hit your head you are a goner usually or lone punch unconscious landing head first ,on concrete is usually enough to render you braindead. dead!

    • Your comment had me go in for several replays and what you’re dreading could be right as the dude had happened to hit his head first which means that sort of impact can even can kill someone dismounted by a donkey with a violent jerk. He hit the tarmac with a thud first and his back rested later which means concrete for sure musta robbed away his daylights.
      If not right on the spot I think on the way and at the hospital he must have been declared , brought dead .
      So much for mimicking a spidey afterall to no avail@hopingfornemesis
      Talking about uncertainties in life …one can even fall of the chair suddenly and die .

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