Couple Shot to Death

Another short video. This time capturing the execution of a man and woman. I have no details on why the couple was targeted or what their identities were. But at least it was rather quick for them and surprisingly there isn’t a whole lot of over kill in this one.

22 thoughts on “Couple Shot to Death

  1. Someone was agry at their performance in the end. The guy was saying “It’s over! Get out now! You guys are fucking it up!!” πŸ˜† Dunno if it was because they were making too much noise or because that couple wasn’t ment to be killed or something.

  2. The couple thought ” so be it ,as it may come” . They weren’t one bit fazed facing the death. Probably those executioners were the niggers with black shades whose cocks were given a hard rub with hot peppers. The incident made vengeful niggers see red , thus killing the couple instantly.

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