Dead Face Blossoms

What’s up, Gorriors? Got a video here showing aftermath of a man who was shot in the face, possibly with a shotgun or something. That’s all the info I have on the video but the dude’s head opened up nicely, like a blossoming gore flower.

Also something weird is going on with the corpse’s feet. Don’t know why they are looking all boneless lol.

18 thoughts on “Dead Face Blossoms

  1. Hole-y shit!

    What kind of shotgun would have done that?!? I want one! I wonder if they had him bent over? There’s alot of blood on the ground infront of him,if he was standing up,looking down…i wish we knew more,but I’m oh so grateful for the gore! Many thanks Obli!..❤

  2. Stripped to his hips ,zippers down ,Flips -flops dangling the geo location undoubtedly is Brazil yet again . The deceased face is split wide open like a slush gate to let blood gush out to the river of gore ……….. thanks to the marvel of shot gun . It’s a ripper ain’t it ?
    Killer(s) enjoyed dragging him to a distance after the kill with his droopy eyes and twisted boneless legs to achieve heights of maximum sadism.
    Bravo and fuck ya Brazil at the same time .

  3. Any shotgun could do that lol as long as its loaded. And I’m guessing he was just standing up and the gore on the ground is what blew out of his face when it was shot. Whichever direction they pointed the gun is the direction of the splatter, for the most part. There will also be side splash. But it’s not nearly as heavy as the puddle of “head viscera”.

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