Woman Raped, Strangled and Nipples Cut Off

Hmmm… is this the beginning of a new trend or something? Another Chinese woman was found raped and murdered in her home. She was strangled with a cord but the killer didn’t stop there. Taking a small pair of scissors, he then proceeded to cut the woman’s nipples off. Well… I mean, hopefully he did that post-mortem! 😳

20 thoughts on “Woman Raped, Strangled and Nipples Cut Off

  1. I would think that there would be more blood,if the killer cut em off while she was still living…..goddamn she looks hideous in that one pic of her gead through the bars! I sure hope she was alive for the raping too,because if not…yuuuuuck.. A face a TRUE necrophiliac,could get off on,i mean to…i mean..ewww!!
    Many thanks for the gore obli!..

  2. Weird bed structure. Like some kind of institutional multi sleeper?

    Now that I’m done with my important question…I agree with Der Kopfsammler on this one. Looks like it may be a fledgling serial killer with serious mommy-didn’t-breastfeed-me issues.

  3. Oh ! Gawd not again .. to this day , everybody knew what Chinese are about pioneering themselves in creating destructive men eating machines , escalators . Men mowing trucks lorries and other similar stuff .. forever blind to the others apathy with their slant eyes and now this .
    Looking at the scene of the crime there are a lot many striking similarities exactly the way a post before this titled
    “Woman Murdered and Has Her Nipples and Pussy Cut Off”
    Me think its the same bastard who is still going unnabbed on a teasing spree showing his cock to the cops and there’s nothing anyone can do . Sure enough he’s a serial killer and a rapist ; who likes taking home trophies to decorate interiors of his wooden cabinets .
    Now all of the neighborhood where crimes are committed will have to have every woman wearing metal clads from their tits to pussies with just a little gap left at the back to enable easing out.

  4. Ghastly! She definitely got taken down to Chinatown .. I am sure she is in heaven now, running a successful food business.. The killer was heard by neighbours shouting “NO I DON’T WANT CHIPS OR RICE WITH THAT!” The question is “with what?”

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