Two People Killed in Accident, Guts Smeared on Road

Brutal accident in an unknown location left at least two people dead, one of which left a nice sreak of blood and pretty much all of his guts exposed on the street to bake in the sun. Gotta love that fresh road pizza.

Isn’t it amazing how much shredded flesk and bloody innards are reminiscent of actual pizza, or perhaps lasagna? I fucking love lasagna and homemade lasagna is my favorite. Any Gore Gurl who wants to get with this has to be able to make lasagna.

23 thoughts on “Two People Killed in Accident, Guts Smeared on Road

  1. Some Goddamn fucker on the scene seems much too over charged in relating a noisy commentary and that’s not all he is criss-crossing those freshly ordered meaty pizzas right there on the road but how come pizzas of late are multi hued.

  2. Lasagna is bomb af…nom nom nom!… Poor bitch isn’t anything more than,a bloody shitsmear on the pavement now…yeesh!…

    Thanks for this obli! ❀

    Now i have to go cook something for dinner…fml…just wannna zzzzzzzzzzzz……😲😲😲😲

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