Dumb Bitch Detonates Grenade On Bus in Guatemala City

This dumb bitch in the video with the fucked up hands is a 19-year-old gang member from Guatemala City, Guatemala. The woman apparently was involved in some kind of extortion scheme that went bad and this is the result of that. I’m not sure if she was going after someone on the bus specifically or what, but the grenade ended up injuring seven people. The kicker is.. the dumbass didn’t throw it quick enough and it blew her hands to pieces. Gotta love that instant karma.

36 thoughts on “Dumb Bitch Detonates Grenade On Bus in Guatemala City

  1. Dr. Juan Pedro Canseco: “Looks like we’re gonna have to amputate at the shoulder, Nurse.”

    Nurse Olga Reyes Romero Munon: “But, but… Doctor Canseco. Isn’t that too much”?

    Dr. Juan Pedro Canseco: “Not at all, Nurse. Arms are useless without hands. They just flop
    around and get in the way.”

    Nurse Olga Reyes Romero Munon: “Please Doctor. I know these things. My husband, Don
    Munon returned from the war with only a stump and it has
    been a blessing to our marriage. Please try to save the
    whole arm.

    Dr. Juan Pedro Canseco: “Ok. Ok. I’ll try… But It may have to come off above the elbow, at

    NurseOlga Reyes Romero Munon: “Oh Doctor… That would be an even bigger blessing for her
    and her new friends in the prison. Gracias Doctor.

  2. You gotta be crazy trying to throw a grenade at somebody on the same bus that you’re on.
    Its about as dumb as me tossing a can of tear gas at my annoying sister in the back seat of my car.

  3. Looks like the KARMA had the four seconds delay fuze going early or maybe the extorting bitch from grenadier regiment thought she was holding a “pomegranate” more like warming her mate;s testicles ; not realizing they don’t go dud easily.
    Its the end of the road for her giving blowjobs beside holding a tissue paper to wipe her twat is gonna be such a pain , I swear .

  4. Seeing bitch’s fingers blown to bits and pieces is quite a sight to behold ,for what she sowed she was able to reap , a richest rich harvest of bad KARMA .
    BTW aplomb to the mighty grenade ; for it does what it does
    and now its time to tickle some funny bones and here it goes…………………..

    Three menπŸ‘³πŸΎπŸ‘΄πŸΎπŸ•΅πŸΎ were taking a trip on a plane✈️. When they get on the pilot tells the passengers not to throw anything out of the windows. The plane lifts off and they’re on their way. On the plane the first man finds a pencil and wondering what to do with it. He is told by one of the other men to throw it out the window, so he does. Then the second guy finished his apple and wondering how to get rid of the core. He asks the other two men, they tell him to throw it out the window, so he does. Next the third man finds a grenade!πŸ’£ Panicking he throws it out the window.

    After the plane✈️ had landed the three men were walking down the street when they came across a guy holding his eye. The three men asked him what happened, he said he had looked up in the sky and a pencil fell and hit him in the eye. So the three men continued down the street and they come across a man holding his head, the three ask him what’s wrong? The man says that he was walking down the street and an apple core fell on his head! Feeling a little strange the men continue down the street when they come across a man holding his stomach lauging his head off! The three ask him what’s so funny? The man replies, I farted and that building exploded!πŸ’₯ πŸ”₯

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