Young Dude Gets Throat Slit By Electric Sander

A young guy named Lenildo was killed while working his job on Wednesday, January 16, 2019.. near Cuiú-cuiú Garimpo, in the Itaituba region in Brazil. Lenildo was working with an electric sander when the tool somehow slipped out of his hands and cut his throat open. The poor guy bled out pretty damn fast while everyone around him tried to help but failed. The military police were close by and assisted the man until he took his last breath and then took his body away.

30 thoughts on “Young Dude Gets Throat Slit By Electric Sander

  1. Betting it was something more like an electric grinder. While a sander, especially a belt sander, can remove a painful amount of flesh in a hurry, it’s not likely to cause a cutting would like that. A grinder on the other hand, will cut through anything that gets in it’s way, and you have to constantly be on guard for a kickback.

  2. Looks like the wound cut into the throat as well. That’s why he’s jumping up when they try putting pressure on the wound. The blood just backs up into his airway and he can’t breathe. Airway first, even if you only have a minute to live. Forceps mighta worked… Or fingers to squeeze the vessel shut.

  3. WTF !! Haha ….being this complacent is the name of the game in Brazil ; not to mention China either ; gracing the horror list alongside . The onlookers thought the Cuiú-cuiú Garimpo, ,sander’s man was stomping his feet to the background score of yet to be cut out sequel of ” Evil Dead IV” and they simply stood there frozen in time , doing nothing .
    It pays to stand still, when one is off job in Brazil.
    Well he should have worn his metal neck brace or simply be in his metal suit to have the tragedy averted .

  4. Damn, this poor guy suffered terrible; holy shit I feel for him. He also had a large wound on his left shoulder. That “grinder” thingy-mah-bob sure did fuck him up.

    Working in the industrial construction field, wearing one’s Personal Protective Equipment is a must. But hell, this poor fella’s in Brazil… heavy work in flip flops and no eye protection????? Eeeeeeeeesch!

    I have a chain saw, and I’m always watchful as hell…. my biggest fear is having the saw kickback and hit me in the throat… So now I see what happens.

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