Two Swollen Fuckers Hanging Out

What up, Gorriors? Your pal Obli back from the dead and speaking of… what are my favorite kind of dead? That’s right, bloated greenies, y’all know me.

No info on either one of these guys but they both appear, APPEAR, to be suicides but we can never be too sure, can we?

First guy is a tasty shade of dead with post mortem bubbling and covered in maggots and shit.

As for the second vid, holy shit, we found Waldo!

30 thoughts on “Two Swollen Fuckers Hanging Out

  1. There is a sexual fetish called Inflation. Not my thing at all and i only learned about it off a girl on another site.
    It is when people get sexually excited thinking of others inflating to bursting point and exploding!
    Now these bloaters would be mascots for their sex club! Haha

    • @hopingfornemesis

      The fetish isn’t just thinking of them exploding hun…Tiz the process of them being tied up,and incapacitated in whatever way to get tubed up…there is multiple ways to inflate them,with all kinds of different things..I’ve seen air,helium,and tub water (shower hose),bike pumps,aquarium tanks!?…

      Yeah,internet is a pretty wild place man!…

      And yes,before it’s asked,the greenies are a turn on,if you’re into dead things as well as bloating (inflation)…if not,then tiz just fun to see how full of their gasses they can get,before they burst open..

      Personally,i prefer stuffing em full of my dinner,or 5,and then fucking them to sleep….

      Id sure hate to pop my love interest,who would i stuff then?…❀

  2. Fuck ya ! the duo had swell of a time in the backwoods and one of them still won’t give up chomping the bark of that tree.
    Nigga if ya ain’t no good how to backpack , just stay hung up just a little while longer and mind ya two to be patient.

  3. Its easier crossing any river sans a boat when ya have nothing but these bloatsams as floatsams . Best of all they need no outboard engine πŸ‘ΊπŸ‘Ί as they can be on their own;just the way ya want them to be. πŸ‘Ί πŸ‘Ί

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