Faceless Man Flopping

Got something very short but sweet, and pretty gory. I’m no expert but this may have been a shotgun blast either through a suicide attempt or just being an unlucky victim. No info came with the video so I’m not sure where it took place or if the man survived. But with all that shaking and flopping going on, he may have indeed boogied his way off this plane of existence.

45 thoughts on “Faceless Man Flopping

  1. Holy crap-oh-lah… If you do the frame advance/stop/advance/stop, right when he begins shaking his head you’ll catch an image of his entire jaw with a “clear view” of both the upper and lower rows of teeth…

    Super High-Five to the surgeon who puts him back together.

  2. Holy crap! It’s like the guy in Metallica’s One video. He wakes up, realizes he’s fucked, and tries to scream in horror. But he has no lower mandible, and no way to make a sound, so he just shakes his head violenly a few times before passing out again. What a mind-fuck that would be.

  3. Come what may ,even now also; he just can’t stop head banging being Iron Maiden’s die hard fan and what basically playing in his mind is this ………………..
    I wait for the signs, they tell me true
    I see the signs of the end of time
    Everyone’s searching, but nothing’s revealing
    Everyone’s looking for the reason why
    Everyone’s hoping for life everafter
    Everyone’s looking at death from the sky

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