Razorback Drummer Commits Suicide On Facebook Live

Hey guys.. I just wanted to thank you all for the support.. also I have received a lot of your emails and I swear I’ll be emailing you all back this weekend. Hopefully my weekend will be a little slower. Fingers crossed. I’m really thankful for those of you that are sticking around through this shit show.

Anywho, let’s get to the good stuff. Razorback drummer, Brian Velasco, 41, committed suicide on January 17, 2019, when he jumped 34 floors to his death. He decided to broadcast his suicide live on Facebook from his apartment balcony in Manate, Manila, Philippines. Brian had recently lost his beloved dog and found it hard to continue on with his life after. He also had a difficult time as he turned 41 last month. His last words were to his bandmates as he saluted them and said, “I’m going to go now.” He then leaned over and said, “Here I go.”.. and then jumped. His body was found on a safety canopy on the ground floor early Thursday morning. Very rarely do we get this vantage point, so thank baby Jesus for cell phones.

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  1. So, in summation @keithfusly , you are an asian speaker, using a translator and you don’t like us here on this site and think we are all losers for coming here to view this stuff. That we are bourgeois watchers of a different kind of porn and western pieces of shit compared to your civilization? Well, that’s why you lose. Have an open mind before you judge others.

  2. I didn’t even notice his nose! @theluvmuscle

    Depression is a cold ,heartless bitch!

    Wow! How was that for a reality show. Not these scripted bullshit “reality shows” they peddle us!

    Just goes to show ,love of life is a valuable commodity. We have seen it all before .Rockstars with all the money ,fame,honour and chicks they could ever want but still that vital spark of wanting to remain alive has blown out. Sad… very sad.

  3. I wonder if he was thinking “what the fuck did I just do” on the way down. There’s gotta be some serious meditating after you go off a 34 story roof. Who knows, maybe it was just “I hope my face is still in the frame”. Me, it would be; “What the FUCK did I just do”!!

  4. Just like @hopingfornemesis said, “Depression is a cold and heartless bitch!” And I thought the video was wickedly cool… but this particular one brought back a flood of emotions. For me, I think it was hearing his voice, and sensing the pain; I’d seen it before.

    My father-in-law suffered from bi-polar depression. He was a 300 pound redneck who had a heart of gold and a smile as big as the Milkway, and he truly loved the world and everything in it. His belly laughs could be heard for miles. He loved EVERYONE, and he was loved by everyone around him. But it was during those periods when his depression set in, his beauty vanished, his loving character and demeanor seemingly were hopelessly lost. During those dark days, he-was-gone. There were the times where we was wandering on the precipice of coming back to us, between his high and low states; he often told us, “I always wanted to be a tow-truck driver, to meet and help the stranded and lost people”.

    It’s been a little more than twenty-five years now when we discovered his body on the back porch, self-inflicted shot to his head with a 12-Ga shot gun. One of two guns he and I used for hunting…

    As the “survivors” we tend to blame ourselves for not better piecing together the signs and taking harsher actions. Sadly though, when folks are so determined to check out of hotel Planet-Earth, they’ll seek out any means possible.

    I’ve asked myself thousands of times, what the hell was going through his mind (no pun intended) before he pulled that trigger. Damn right suicide sucks, and it becomes a mind-fuck game for the “survivors”. And I think back on all those miserable nights in bed, holding my sobbing wife as she kept crying “why? why? why?”

    It still hurts thinking about him… Fuck… twenty-five years later…. Like @re-pete said about someone buying the Razorback Drummer another dog… that I get. Damn do I get that..I know exactly what you mean.

    I wished we put up a second mortgage and bought my father-in-law that tow-truck.

  5. Sometimes you can’t save the suicide intend-ee… Friend of mine once caused the death of another friend and subsequently committed suicide himself ……. there was nothing you could do to save him… But it wasn’t depression okay…he was just devastated that he had caused the death of a beloved friend

  6. He could have gone for another dog or a pup instead of choosing to die the way he did . By doing so he even went troubling the soul of his “Best Friend” like a yellow coward .

    Tell me who doesn’t go through the troubled times ? If this is how one surrenders to upheavals in life then what else is left to say ?
    Looks like it must have been his back sharper than a razor nicking him to take a foolish decision.
    Losing his beloved dog was just an excuse the inside story could be different . Then again choosing FB as the platform to do it & garner sympathy is beyond me , I’d say he was a big retard .He could’ve committed suicide within the four walls of his house .
    Big deal to have gone live to fuck his precious life.

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