Woman Gets Squished By Truck

Okay guys.. up until late November last year this site was my baby. I worked my ass off on it and was very proud that we all made it what it has become. I had some personal issues and couldn’t spend as much time on the site as I had been. Thankfully, @littlefoot took over and did what she could to keep the site active. Life happens and people move on with their lives. That’s what’s happened here. So you guys are stuck with just me for now. Like I said in my comment on the other post.. I will do my best to keep the site going as long as I can. But I do need help. If you want to donate(server fees, etc.) or write please send me an email at the email I gave on the other page. I cannot do this on my own. For the next few months i may have maybe 5 days of free time. So I need all the help I can get. If you want to write.. please find a video.. or choose one already on here and write your own article about it and send it to me. I ain’t playing favorites, so even if we disliked each other in the past.

Anywho, enjoy the vid. No info except the lady is dead. And pretty sure the truck driver took the F off after he got back in his truck. I will be posting as much as I can but please be patient with me if it gets super slow for awhile. Thank you guys for always supporting RGM.

51 thoughts on “Woman Gets Squished By Truck

  1. I’m a decent writer. Working on a book rn but I been slacking hard. also have 200+ pages handwritten of a memoir I also have been slacking on and 6 chapters of a different novel I have yet too finish as well. but I can at least donate some cash if not time and effort. I don’t make a lot but I love this site so I will do what I can.

  2. Hope you’re reconsidering. It must have taken a lot of work, and passion to put this site together. It’d be a real shame to let it die. I wonder if you understand how much it means to some of us.
    That said, did you see the blood and brain tissue squirt across the room when her head popped? It was epic!

  3. Damn ! that dumbass of a biker woman hadn’t had the sense to stop by for she heard it coming but she fancied biking faster than the truck to cross over to the other side of the warehouse. Was it the lunch hour .or a date ; I wonder ;she didn’t want to be late for ? or maybe something else .
    Whatever the reason ,urgent haste , as always ends up in a bad taste .

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