Guy Gets Beat Up

Guy Gets Beat Up

Someone is in biiiiig trouble…or he’s completely innocent and just unlucky. It’s hard to tell sometimes the way these people act plus I don’t know what they’re saying. He’s in a home, I believe, surrounded by men but can we take a minute to look at that disgusting, dirty door. Anywho, he’s being lectured at or something and then the beating begins. Nothing like a big piece of wood to make you scream out in pain. The guy immediately starts crying and who can blame him really? He did create a nice new dance sliding around the floor on his ass.

60 thoughts on “Guy Gets Beat Up

  1. Looks like someone behind the camera had a taser or gun lasers on him too. You can see them at about 45, 46 seconds on that dirty towel on the floor, then around the tile. Looks like the inmates get the orders for the dirty work from the guards there.

  2. @hopingfornemesis I’d say were all vassals of the elite and there not only American my friend. Too bad we don’t have forums here I’m sure we would have some good old debates, the random thread about music or history and for the flat earthers they could even spew there nonsense. With that said sorry if your a flat rather fellow gorriors😝

  3. That’s the easiest way out in cleaning up dirty floors, indoors in Brazil. Catch someone on a wrong footing , strip him up , give some nasty whacks beat him up black and blue watch him do some ass sliding all over the place with screams to keep beaters entertained leaving the floors spick and span
    Quite innovative though !

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