Boobies Pop Out As Woman Gets Her Ass Beat

Boobies Pop Out As Woman Gets Her Ass Beat

Happy Friday everyone!! What better way to start off the weekend than with some boobies. Unfortunately, these aren’t attached to a super hot chick like a previous post but you might still enjoy the sight. In the first video two women are fighting each other and the tatas are out on full display. This is why you never wear a tube top to a fight…amateurs. A guy steps in and tries to separate them then just walks away which was probably a smart move. In the second video suddenly the boob lady has blood running down the side of her face and a guy is swinging on her then she’s down for the count. Clearly, we missed some good shit between the two videos but she’s not alone. The other woman is receiving her own beating by a group of men including the one who knocked out the first woman. She’s getting punched, whipped, hit with a broom and I have no clue why. Maybe they’re a weird vigilante group trying to stop the violence in the world by getting violent. What heroes.

52 thoughts on “Boobies Pop Out As Woman Gets Her Ass Beat

  1. What in the fuck did i just watch?!?? Bunch of jumping monkeys, getting beat with brooms and belts…Was this considered bestiality,due to the whippings with the belts,and flogging with the broom handles?
    Or lovers quarrel? As the world fucking turns i suppose…. Im too hungover for this shit,fuck today….

    Thanks for the monkeys @littlefoot

  2. Announcer — And the winner in today’s street MMA, Jose’ by KO. Fuck Jose’, where’d you learn that 1-2-3 punch sequence?

    Jose’ — Dad. From my dad. Beats the shit out of my mom all the time.

    Announcer — Well Jose’, you sure were paying attention, weren’t you. Anyway, congratulations; you earned it

  3. All bow down to the white almighty God and his demon seed!!! Speaking of which (demon seed) did you make your rent payment to your mother yet? Would hate for you to not only be a dumb mofo but a homeless one to boot.

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