Rescue Mission Shock

Rescue Mission Shock

So this looks to be some kind of rescue gone horribly wrong. There’s a team of men on top of building and they’ve rigged a line to transport an injured man down the rope. The man is strapped down to a transport board and for whatever reason a man on the rescue team is freely hanging onto the bottom. I don’t know why they didn’t just send the victim on his own or have a better more secure means of a team member going with him but they learned quickly that it was a bad idea. As they’re sending the two men down, Mr. Rescue’s legs are hanging down and he hits a power line and is thoroughly electrocuted. The injured guy wasn’t hurt but now the guy is hanging off of him completely unconscious, possibly dead. If he lives maybe they can share a room at the hospital.

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  1. I’d be more inclined to think that this was a simulated rescue rather than a true rescue. Having grown up on military bases all over the globe for my entire youth, this seems just like every “Military Day” exercise; the loudspeakers, the uniforms, the band that starts to play and instantly stops when the guy goes “zap”, all the folks gathered around, even the “victim” is pretty healthy looking as he pops up his head to see what was going on, with what may be a fake blood bandage.

    Either way, if it was a simulated rescue, it turned into a real one in the blink of an eye. Then again, I’ve been wrong many, many times!

    • @re-pete, I’d say the failure to correctly factor in the rope tensile strength was a major contributor in this accident. (That is if they even bothered to calculate it at all.) Since the rope was attached to some point on the opposite side of the street, this would make the most sense.

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