Barrel Explodes

Barrel Explodes

Alright I might need someone to explain this one to my dumbass because I don’t know what is going on. A guy is messing with a metal barrel laying on its side and things don’t go as planned. I don’t know what kind of tool he’s holding in his hand, maybe a power saw? Whatever it is he’s using it on the barrel when it suddenly explodes. This causes him to do the ol’ fliperoo in the air but it could’ve been a lot worse for him.

22 thoughts on “Barrel Explodes

  1. I’m thinking that there was some leftover flammable fluids in the barrel, possibly from cleaning it out. Possibly gasoline or paint thinner, etc. Even a few good drops could vaporize to an explosive level after he put the lids on. When he went to cut, sparks or the heated metal were hot enough to ignite the mixture of air and whatever volatile fuel in there, and Boom.

  2. I like how his friend grabbed him and started to pull him away as if the barrel was going to blow again, even though it was no longer sealed.
    “Oh shit, let me drag you in the street where its safe”

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