Guy Suicides Via Truck

Guy Suicides Via Truck

I always find it interesting the different ways people choose to end their life. The video is kind of fuzzy so the detail isn’t great but a dashcam catches the moment a man ends his life. I’ve watched it dozens of times and I can’t see where anyone may have pushed him on the ground. He looks to have thrown himself in front of the wheels to get run over. That seems like such a gamble because you have to throw yourself just right so the wheels go right over your head. At least he picked a semi truck with double wheels and from the lack of movement I guess he was successful.

11 thoughts on “Guy Suicides Via Truck

  1. You may also want to pick a full truck with a heavy load. This one did the trick, but, just to be on the safe side of suicide, I would have wanted it to squish me more than what happened to this guy. The tires just rolled over him instead of rolling through him.

  2. Thankfully he paved a way for the truck to move on ;but, just the way it was intended he should have gone wearing his helmet on to give flitter of butterflies to the driver’s stomach in jolting his truck tires ; a wee bit off the track.

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