Two Guys One Head

Two Guys One Head

Two men were involved in an accident and as the video shows, neither one made it. The car is completely crushed and the top of it is pretty much gone. One guy is a bloody mess and the other lost his head. It’s a sad day when I prefer a guy in a pink polo shirt over whatever crazy ass tank the other one was wearing. I’m not sure if another vehicle was involved or not but it looks like most of the damage was on pinky’s side. I don’t think I see seat-belts on either one of them…bad, bad, bad.

17 thoughts on “Two Guys One Head

  1. It wasn’t anyone’s fault when rear view mirror in a moving car is adjusted one either has to lose his head , go headless or simply go crashing in to another vehicle with a loud bang .The only saving grace is his pink polo T shirt which will have to be laundered and given to another faggot for another accident again.

    Funniest part is that the crash brought the car stereo come alive on its own. which is keeping the crowd outside remain entertained.

  2. I’ve been the first on scene at a couple car wrecks. Not a paramedic or anything, just lucky i guess. It was so eerie as i peeked in through the passenger side window while the radio was still playing. At first i didn’t even see the driver cuz he was so deeply wedged between the dash and the floorboard of his pickup in a very unnatural way with a huge gaping hole in his head while George Strait sang Amarillo By Morning in the background. And what made it even creepier was the way a half eaten Turkey leg was just sitting between his shoulder blades like someone just gently placed it there. It was so violent yet so peaceful. He t-boned another car…. never even touched the brakes. It happened right in front of me on an isolated country road heading to my mom’s after my brother’s wedding reception. So odd how i can still remember the smell of that smoked turkey leg mixed with that pungent fruity smell of antifreeze.

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